swMATH ID: 19713
Software Authors: Qiang Cheng; Chong Qing
Description: The Adjoint Code Generator (ADG) is a source-to-source transformation tool that is used for generating the adjoint model. Designed with the Least Program Behavior Decomposition Method, ADG supports global data dependent analysis and code optimization at a statement class. Features: Fottran 77/90/95; Least Program Behavior Decomposition Method; Global Data Dependence Analysis; Automatically generating testing functions.
Homepage: http://www.autodiff.org/?module=Tools&tool=ADG
Related Software: TAF; mctoolbox; Odyssee; PETSc; ADIFOR; Mathematica; Maple; ADOL-C
Cited in: 2 Publications

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Adjoint code generator. Zbl 1192.68251
Cheng, Qiang; Cao, Jianwen; Wang, Bin; Zhang, Haibin

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