swMATH ID: 1972
Software Authors: Caliari, Marco; Vianello, Marco; De Marchi, Stefano; Montagna, Roberto
Description: Hyper2d: A numerical code for hyperinterpolation on rectangles Hyperinterpolation at Morrow-Patterson-Xu cubature points for the product Chebyshev measure provides a simple and powerful polynomial approximation method on rectangles. Here, we present an accurate and efficient Matlab/Octave implementation of the hyperinterpolation formula, accompanied by several numerical tests.
Homepage: http://www.math.unipd.it/~marcov/pdf/hyper2d.pdf
Keywords: bivariate hyperinterpolation; minimal cubature; Morrow-Patterson-Xu points; Lebesgue constant; numerical examples; polynomial approximation
Related Software: HyperCube; Algorithm 792; Padua2D; Matlab; Chebfun; OPQ; XuPad2D; LS2Ditp; CHEBINT; Padua2DM; LC3Ditp; fclencurt; Burkardt; ACML; QSHEP3D; Octave
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