swMATH ID: 1974
Software Authors: Cibrán, María Agustina; D’Hondt, Maja; Suvée, Davy; Vanderperren, Wim; Jonckers, Viviane
Description: JAsCo is an advanced aspect-oriented programming (AOP or AOSD) language originally tailored for the component-based field. The main contributions of the JAsCo language are its highly reusable aspects and its strong aspectual composition mechanism for managing combinations of aspects. The JAsCo technology excels at providing dynamic integration and removal of aspects with a minimal performance overhead. The JAsCo language is an aspect-oriented extension of Java that stays as close as possible to the original Java syntax and concepts and introduces two new concepts: aspect beans and connectors: An aspect bean is highly reusable because it allows describing crosscutting concerns independently of concrete component types and APIs. A connector on the other hand deploys one or more aspect beans within a concrete component context and allows specifying an explicit combination of their aspectual behavior. The JAsCo technology is based on a genuine run-time weaver that allows to add, alter and remove aspects while the application is running. The run-time performance of this weaver is even able to improve on AspectJ. JAsCo is an advanced AOP approach that supports a wide range of AOP concepts: AspectJ-like pointcuts, independent aspects, explicit deployment in connectors, expressive aspect combinations, aspectual polymorphism, stateful aspects, virtual mixins and adaptive programming. A drawback of all this is that the learning curse of JAsCo is harder than e.g. AspectWerkz’s. Therefore if you are new to AOP, we recommend to start experimenting with AspectJ or AspectWerkz first to get the basics.
Homepage: http://ssel.vub.ac.be/jasco/index.html
Keywords: aspect-oriented programming; AspectJ
Related Software: AspectJ; JBoss; ASSAM; ReCrash; ASM; SPEC Benchmarks; Java Grande; AspectS; Soot; DaCapo; MS SQL Server; AspectC++; Cyclone; PICCOLA; PROCOL; Rapide; AO4BPEL; WebSphere; Oracle; XPath
Cited in: 6 Publications
Further Publications: http://ssel.vub.ac.be/jasco/publications.html

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