swMATH ID: 1977
Software Authors: Lambov, Branimir
Description: RealLib: an efficient implementation of exact real arithmetic This paper is an introduction to the RealLib package for exact real number computations. The library provides certified accuracy, but tries to achieve this at performance close to the performance of hardware floating point for problems that do not require higher precision. The paper gives the motivation and features of the design of the library and compares it with other packages for exact real arithmetic.
Homepage: http://www.informatik.uni-trier.de/~ley/db/indices/a-tree/l/Lambov:Branimir.html
Keywords: numerical examples; finite arithmetic; RealLib package; exact real number computations; hardware floating point
Related Software: iRRAM; RZ; OCaml; MPFR; gmp; Mmxlib; MPFI; Haskell; Boost; filib++; VNODE; xrc; PNM; LBNL; C-CoRN; HOL Light; SLEEF; Coq
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RealLib: an efficient implementation of exact real arithmetic. Zbl 1112.65137
Lambov, Branimir

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