swMATH ID: 19803
Software Authors: TreeAge Software Inc.
Description: TreeAge. Decision Trees: Build models to study simple and complex problems to choose the best possible outcome. Our visual editor makes it easy to build and present models. Use TreeAge Pro for any decision, including in the industries of healthcare, oil/gas exploration, business and finance. Advanced Modeling Features: Use sophisticated modeling techniques for complex decisions. TreeAge Pro supports Markov models, patient-level simulation (Microsimulation) models and time-to-event (DES) models using a consistent set of modeling and analysis tools. Analysis Tools: Apply sophisticated analysis and reporting tools to your model, including decision analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, sensitivity analysis, Monte Carlo simulation and more. Convert Markov Models to Excel.
Homepage: https://www.treeage.com/
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Further Publications: https://www.treeage.com/articles/

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