swMATH ID: 19819
Software Authors: Ralf Mikut, Andreas Bartschat, Wolfgang Doneit, Jorge Angel Gonzalez Ordiano, Benjamin Schott, Johannes Stegmaier, Simon Waczowicz, Markus Reischl
Description: The MATLAB Toolbox SciXMiner: User’s Manual and Programmer’s Guide. The Matlab toolbox SciXMiner is designed for the visualization and analysis of time series and features with a special focus to classification problems. It was developed at the Institute of Applied Computer Science of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), a member of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres in Germany. The aim was to provide an open platform for the development and improvement of data mining methods and its applications to various medical and technical problems. SciXMiner bases on Matlab (tested for the version 2017a). Many functions do not require additional standard toolboxes but some parts of Signal, Statistics and Wavelet toolboxes are used for special cases. The decision to a Matlab-based solution was made to use the wide mathematical functionality of this package provided by The Mathworks Inc. SciXMiner is controlled by a graphical user interface (GUI) with menu items and control elements like popup lists, checkboxes and edit elements. This makes it easier to work with SciXMiner for inexperienced users. Furthermore, an automatization and batch standardization of analyzes is possible using macros. The standard Matlab style using the command line is also available. SciXMiner is an open source software. The download page is this http URL It is licensed under the conditions of the GNU General Public License (GNU-GPL) of The Free Software Foundation.
Homepage: https://sourceforge.net/projects/scixminer/
Dependencies: Matlab
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