swMATH ID: 19821
Software Authors: Wolfgang Doneit, Ralf Mikut, Lutz Gröll, Tim Pychynski, Markus Reischl
Description: DaMoQ: An open source MATLAB toolbox for data and model quality assessment. We propose DaMoQ, an extension package of the data analysis MATLAB toolbox SciXMiner, to assess the quality of input data in regression problems. DaMoQ quantifies inhomogeneity and visualizes patterns of data distributions in order to evaluate the quality of a given dataset and its features. We use two benchmark datasets and a real world dataset for modelling the labyrinth seal discharge coefficient to show the similarity of DaMoQ results to a visual inspection of the data.
Homepage: https://www.degruyter.com/view/j/auto.2017.65.issue-3/auto-2016-0128/auto-2016-0128.xml
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: SOM; Fisherextest; HeiDATAProVIT; C4.5; Gait-CAD; MLlib; WEKA; KNIME; XPIWIT; Matlab; SciXMiner
Cited in: 0 Publications