swMATH ID: 19831
Software Authors: OpenMM team, Stanford University; P. Eastman, M.S. Friedrichs, J.D. Chodera, R.J. Radmer, C.M. Bruns, J.P. Ku, K.A. Beauchamp, T.J. Lane, L.P. Wang, D. Shukla, T. Tye, M. Houston, T. Stich, C. Klein, M.R. Shirts, V.S. Pande
Description: OpenMM: A high performance toolkit for molecular simulation. Use it as a library, or as an application. We include extensive language bindings for Python, C, C++, and even Fortran. The code is open source and actively maintained on Github, licensed under MIT and LGPL. Part of the Omnia suite of tools for predictive biomolecular simulation.
Homepage: http://openmm.org/
Related Software: Gromacs; Python; CUDA; PyTorch; VMD; AMBER; MDAnalysis; TensorFlow; HOOMD-TF; PLUMED; PyMOL; Mdtraj; CHARMM; LAMMPS; NAMD; Anncolvar; TorchANI; HOOMD-blue; cookiecutter; CPPTRAJ
Cited in: 6 Publications

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