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Software Authors: JSBSim Contributors
Description: Aeromatic: This form can be used to create aircraft configuration files for use with the JSBSim Flight Dynamics Model, the default FDM for the FlightGear, Outerra and OpenEaagles (etc.) flight simulators. The configuration file format produced using this utility is version 2.0, and is incompatable with older formats because of an extensive overhaul of JSBSim’s XML code that occured in December of 2004. You will need at least two files for a complete configuration, an aircraft file containing information on the aircraft’s mass properties, propulsion, flight control, aerodynamic properties, etc., an engine file describing the engine(s), and in the case of a propeller-driven aircraft you will need a prop file. Aeromatic will generate plausible configuration files for your aircraft using some simplifying assumptions. Note that Aeromatic allows only one type of engine to be defined per aircraft. If you want to mix engine types you’ll have to make the necessary changes by hand. Also note that all turbine, turboprop and rocket engines use the default ”direct” thruster.
Homepage: http://jsbsim.sourceforge.net/aeromatic2.html
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