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Description: OpenEaagles simulation framework. OpenEaagles is a multi-platform simulation framework targeted to help simulation engineers and software developers rapidly prototype and build robust, scalable, virtual, constructive, stand-alone, and distributed simulation applications. It has been used extensively to build applications that demand deterministic real-time performance or simply execute as fast as possible. This includes applications used to conduct human factor studies, operator training, or the development of complete distributed virtual simulation systems. OpenEaagles has also been used to build stand-alone and distributed constructive applications oriented at system performance analysis. OpenEaagles is an acronym that stands for the Open Extensible Architecture for the Analysis and Generation of Linked Simulations. It is a mature software framework as it has been in active development for over a decade. The framework includes interoperability interfaces to support the development of distributed applications, as it includes interfaces that support the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) protocol. Numerous DIS compliant distributed simulation applications have been built using this framework as the foundation. The framework is described in the book titled “Design & Construction of Virtual and Constructive Simulations Using OpenEaagles.” This is one of the first modeling and simulation books published that focuses on the construction techniques of virtual and constructive performance-oriented high fidelity simulations.
Homepage: http://www.openeaagles.org/wiki/doku.php
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