swMATH ID: 19904
Software Authors: 0.Goetzendorf-Grabowski T, Mieloszyk J, Mieszalski D
Description: MADO - software package for high order multidisciplinary aircraft design and optimization. Multidisciplinary Aircraft Design Optimization. These is framework for automated multidisciplinary aircraft optimization. Currently it includes such scientific disciplines as: aerodynamic analysis, strength analysis and dynamic stability analysis. Modular structure enables to include in the future other research fields. Main attention is focused on automation and data exchange processes. That is why we made available API for preparation of parametrized geometry, used in Panukl software for aerodynamic analysis. Panukl contains numerical tool for automated aerodynamic data preparation for SDSA – Simulation & Dynamic Stability Analysis. The geometry and aerodynamic load can be also exported to CalculiX software for strength analysis.
Homepage: https://www.meil.pw.edu.pl/add/ADD/Teaching/Software/MADO
Related Software: Octave; GitHub; FOILGEN; JBLADE; Matlab; JavaFoil; OpenVSP; BRL-CAD; Larosterna; VAMPzero; CPACS; TiGL; TetrUSS; TORNADO; Aerospace Blockset; OpenFDM; CEASIOM; FlapDesign; eCalc; Apame; PANUKL
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