swMATH ID: 1992
Software Authors: Wang, Frank Zhigang; Helian, Na; Wu, Sining; Deng, Yuhui; Khare, Vineet; Parker, Michael
Description: GridJet: An underlying data-transporting protocol for accelerating Web communications The World-Wide Web provides us with a distributed, hyperlinked document repository. Users attempting to access and share these hyperlinked documents via conventional HTTP and FTP often encounter long waits and frustration. To provide “local-like” access, a WAN/Grid-optimized protocol known as “GridJet” was incorporated into the Firefox Web browser that utilizes a wide range of technologies including the one of paralleling the remote file access. No change in the way of using software is required since the multi-streamed GridJet protocol remains fully compatible with existing IP infrastructures. Peer-to-peer clustered Web servers are also constructed to remove the scalability limitations and management problems associated with individual Web servers. Our recent progress includes a real-world test that Web applications over the GridJet protocol beats those over the classic ones by as much as five times where the transfer distance is over 10 000 km
Homepage: http://www.cs.kent.ac.uk/pubs/2007/3076/index.html
Keywords: web communication infrastructure; World-Wide Web; parallel data transfer; grid computing; bulk data transfer; peer-to-peer
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