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Software Authors: Shiriaev, Dmitri; Griewank, Andreas
Description: The package ADOL-F is a Fortran 90 interface to the ADOL-C library and facilitates the evaluation of first and higher derivatives of vector functions that are defined by computer programs written in Fortran 90/77. The numerical values of derivative vectors are obtained free of truncation errors at a small multiple of the run time and randomly accessed memory of the given function evaluation program. Fortran 90 allows operator overloading (like C++) but lacks constructor/destructor operators for user-defined types. Therefore, we employ a more sophisticated scheme for the management of active temporary variables than does ADOL-C. The derivative calculations involve a possibly substantial (but always predictable) amount of data accessed strictly sequentially and therefore automatically paged out to external files.
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Keywords: forward mode; reverse mode; Taylor coefficients; overloading; automatic differentiation by overloading in Fortran; package ADOL-F; higher derivatives of vector functions; Fortran 90/77
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ADOL-F: Automatic differentiation of Fortran codes. Zbl 0866.65019
Shiriaev, Dmitri; Griewank, Andreas

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