swMATH ID: 20016
Software Authors: Ploeg, Atze van der; Claessen, Koen
Description: Practical principled FRP: forget the past, change the future, FRPNow! We present a new interface for practical Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) that (1) is close in spirit to the original FRP ideas, (2) does not have the original space-leak problems, without using arrows or advanced types, and (3) provides a simple and expressive way for performing IO actions from FRP code. We also provide a denotational semantics for this new interface, and a technique (using Kripke logical relations) for reasoning about which FRP functions may “forget their past”, i.e. which functions do not have an inherent space-leak. Finally, we show how we have implemented this interface as a Haskell library called FRPNow.
Homepage: https://hackage.haskell.org/package/frpnow
Keywords: functional reactive programming; Kripke logical relations; purely functional IO; space-leak
Related Software: Reactive-banana; Esterel; LUSTRE; Haskell
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