swMATH ID: 2004
Software Authors: Bartocci, Ezio; Corradini, Flavio; Grosu, Radu; Merelli, Emanuela; Riganelli, Oliviero; Smolka, Scott A.
Description: StonyCam: A formal framework for modeling, analyzing and regulating cardiac myocytes This paper presents a formal framework, experimental infrastructure, and computational environment for modeling, analyzing and regulating the behavior of cardiac tissues. Based on the theory of hybrid automata, we aim at providing suitable tools to be used in devising strategies for the pharmacological or other forms of treatment of cardiac electrical disturbances
Homepage: http://www.cs.sunysb.edu/~grosu/ugo65fest08.pdf
Related Software: Uppaal; IF-2.0; Kronos
Cited in: 3 Publications

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