swMATH ID: 20057
Software Authors: J. M. Butterworth, S. Butterworth
Description: JetWeb: A WWW Interface and Database for Monte Carlo Tuning and Validation. A World Wide Web interface to a Monte Carlo validation and tuning facility is described. The aim of the package is to allow rapid and reproducible comparisons to be made between detailed measurements at high-energy physics colliders and general physics simulation packages. The package includes a relational database, a Java servlet query and display facility, and clean interfaces to simulation packages and their parameters.
Homepage: https://arxiv.org/abs/hep-ph/0210404
Related Software: HERWIG 5.1; PYTHIA8; CompHep; ProMC; HepMC; StdHep; MadGraph; FPMC; Jython; DELPHES; FreeHEP; ROOT; HepSim; HBOOK; KtJet; HZTool; RunMC; CASCADE; ROOT; CLHep
Cited in: 0 Publications