swMATH ID: 20062
Software Authors: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; P. Miller
Description: pyMPI: Putting the py in MPI. pyMPI, a project integrating the Message Passing Interface (MPI) into the Python interpreter. pyMPI is being developed primarily by researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. pyMPI is a fully functional Python interpreter that just happens to include a large subset of MPI functions. pyMPI has extensive support for running parallel Python scripts and has been tested on a number of clusters and other scientific machines
Homepage: http://pympi.sourceforge.net/
Related Software: Python; MPI; NumPy; mpi4py; SciTools; PyACTS; Parallel netCDF; ACTS; ScaLAPACK; NetCDF; SWIG; PyClimate; F2PY; mmLib; LAPACK; MPI/MPICH; MMTK; MatlabMPI; IPython; OpenMPI
Cited in: 4 Publications

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