swMATH ID: 2007
Software Authors: F Tränkle, M Zeitz, M Ginkel; Waschler, Roland; Angeles-Palacios, Odon; Ginkel, Martin; Kienle, Achim
Description: ProMoT is the Process Modeling Tool, a software for the construction and manipulation of complex technical and biological systems. ProMoT has its origins in process engineering. Together with the simulation environment Diana it provides capabilities for the development of dynamic models based on differential-algebraic equations, and their simulation and further analysis. For the application in Systems Biology key features of ProMoT are the development of modular models, the use of specialized modeling-libraries, and the support for model-exchange via the international standard SBML. Of specific importance for successful work in interdisciplinary teams is the availability of graphical methods for model editing and exploration, because this defines a common language for direct communication about models without the need for in-depth mathematical knowledge. ProMoT already implements graphical tools for both the implementation, and the exploration and visualization of models. ProMoT has being used as a modeling tool not only for the setup of dynamic models, but also for the visual construction of Boolean models that can be analyzed with CellNetAnalyzer.
Homepage: http://www.mpi-magdeburg.mpg.de/projects/promot/index.html
Keywords: Object-oriented; Modelling tool; Chemical processes; Model libraries
Related Software: TABASCO; lpSolve; SUNDIALS; SciPy; SynBioSS; BioJADE; Celldesigner; SCAMP; CellML; PySCeS; TinkerCell; Mantissa; AIM@SHAPE; OBSCURE; COBOL; SingSurf; LISP
Cited in: 5 Documents
Further Publications: http://www.mpi-magdeburg.mpg.de/projects/promot/refs.html

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