swMATH ID: 2018
Software Authors: Hunyadi, Levente
Description: MatForce: supporting rapid algorithm development by automated translation of MatLab prototypes into C++ MatLab is an essential tool in high-productivity development of applications that involve much scientific computation. Problems can be presented in a familiar mathematical formalism and the simple yet extensive visualization capabilities support rapid algorithm and model prototyping. Nonetheless, for the sake of efficiency and homogeneity with other parts of the code, it is often necessary to convert MatLab code into C or C++, which is a tedious and errorprone task if performed manually. The author presents a tool named MatForce that automatically converts MatLab scripts into C++ code, producing human-readable, extensible C++ sources that can subsequently be fitted to the needs of the encapsulating application.
Homepage: http://sourceforge.net/projects/matforce/
Dependencies: Matlab
Keywords: programming tools and languages; developing computation-intensive algorithms; source-to-source compilation; automatic type inference
Related Software: MaJIC; Matlab
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