swMATH ID: 2022
Software Authors: van der Merwe, Dean; Obiedkov, Sergei; Kourie, Derrick
Description: AddIntent: A new incremental algorithm for constructing concept lattices. An incremental concept lattice construction algorithm, called AddIntent, is proposed. In experimental comparison, AddIntent outperformed a selection of other published algorithms for most types of contexts and was close to the most efficient algorithm in other cases. The current best estimate for the algorithm’s upper bound complexity to construct a concept lattice L whose context has a set of objects G, each of which possesses at most max(|g′|) attributes, is O(|L||G|2 max(|g′|)).
Homepage: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-540-24651-0_31
Related Software: UCI-ml; FCALGS; In-Close; IGLUE; C4.5; FCbO; FcaBedrock; FooCA; SearchSleuth; CreChainDo; WordNet
Referenced in: 14 Publications

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