swMATH ID: 20226
Software Authors: Witkowski, T., Blanc, N., Kroening, D., Weissenbacher, G
Description: DDVerify is tool for checking Linux device drivers for specific bugs. It automatically detects the operations provided by the module, and generates a test harness to reveal specific misuses of the kernel API. The harnesses generated by DDverify are plain C models that can be passed to verification tools such as SATABS or CBMC.
Homepage: http://www.cprover.org/ddverify/
Related Software: SLAM; CBMC; SatAbs; BLAST; SPIN; Bebop; CPAchecker; MCMAS; LOCKSMITH; Goblint; MAGIC; CIL; DPF; Wolverine; KRATOS; MiniSat; Zapato; Velev SAT Benchmarks; FOCI; SCOOT
Cited in: 9 Publications

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