swMATH ID: 20280
Software Authors: Claus Fieker, William Hart, Tommy Hofmann, Fredrik Johansson
Description: Nemo/Hecke: Computer Algebra and Number Theory Packages for the Julia Programming Language. We introduce two new packages, Nemo and Hecke, written in the Julia programming language for computer algebra and number theory. We demonstrate that high performance generic algorithms can be implemented in Julia, without the need to resort to a low-level C implementation. For specialised algorithms, we use Julia’s efficient native C interface to wrap existing C/C++ libraries such as Flint, Arb, Antic and Singular. We give examples of how to use Hecke and Nemo and discuss some algorithms that we have implemented to provide high performance basic arithmetic.
Homepage: http://nemocas.org/
Related Software: Hecke; Julia; Arb; Magma; GAP; SageMath; FLINT; Antic; MPFR; SINGULAR; OEIS; GitHub; Cuba; SphericalHarmonics.jl; WignerSymbols.jl; Legendre.jl; Mathematica; JRAF; Giac; PARI/GP
Cited in: 20 Publications

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