swMATH ID: 20305
Software Authors: Joe Suzuki
Description: Miura - A package for computing objects for general nonsingular curves in the Miura form, an extension of the Weierstrass form. Miura: Divisor Class Group Arithmetic. The Package Miura contains functions that compute divisor class group arithmetic for nonsingular curves. The package reduces computation in a divisor class group to that in the ideal class group via the isomorphism. The underlying quotient ring should be over the ideal given by a nonsingular curve in the form of Miura. Although computing the multiplication of two integral ideals is not hard, we need to obtain an ideal such that the shortest Groebner basis component is the minimum in order to obtain the representative of the ideal class. Although the basic procedure is due to Arita, the source code has become much shorter using MaCaulay2. The package is useful not just for computation itself but also for understanding the divisor class group arithmetic from the ideal point of view
Homepage: http://www2.macaulay2.com/Macaulay2/doc/Macaulay2-1.12/share/doc/Macaulay2/Miura/html/
Dependencies: Macaulay2
Related Software: Macaulay2
Cited in: 0 Publications