swMATH ID: 20311
Software Authors: Ababou, R.; Bagtzoglou, A. C.
Description: BIGFLOW: A Numerical Code for Simulating Flow in Variably Saturated, Heterogeneous Geologic Media (Theory and User’s Manual, Version 1.1). This report documents BIGFLOW 1.1, a numerical code for simulating flow in variably saturated heterogeneous geologic media. It contains the underlying mathematical and numerical models, test problems, benchmarks, and applications of the BIGFLOW code. The BIGFLOW software package is composed of a simulation and an interactive data processing code (DATAFLOW). The simulation code solves linear and nonlinear porous media flow equations based on Darcy‘s law, appropriately generalized to account for 3D, deterministic, or random heterogeneity. A modified Picard Scheme is used for linearizing unsaturated flow equations, and preconditioned iterative methods are used for solving the resulting matrix systems. The data processor (DATAFLOW) allows interactive data entry, manipulation, and analysis of 3D datasets. The report contains analyses of computational performance carried out using Cray-2 and Cray-Y/MP8 supercomputers. Benchmark tests include comparisons with other independently developed codes, such as PORFLOW and CMVSFS, and with analytical or semi-analytical solutions.
Homepage: https://www.osti.gov/scitech/biblio/10168217
Related Software: TOUGH; FEMWATER; RichardsFoam2; RichardsFOAM; OpenFOAM
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