swMATH ID: 20314
Software Authors: H.Burau, R.Widera, W.Honig, G.Juckeland, A.Debus, T.Kluge, U.Schramm, T.E.Cowan, R.Sauerbrey, M.Bussman
Description: PIConGPU - A particle-in-cell code for GPGPUs. PIConGPU is a fully relativistic, many GPGPU, 3D3V particle-in-cell (PIC) code. The Particle-in-Cell algorithm is a central tool in plasma physics. It describes the dynamics of a plasma by computing the motion of electrons and ions in the plasma based on Maxwell’s equations.
Homepage: https://github.com/ComputationalRadiationPhysics/picongpu
Related Software: Kokkos; PSC; OSIRIS; Smilei; QUICKPIC; SPIS; SYCL; Cabana; EMPIRE-PIC; Tempus; oneAPI; GitHub; MueLu; Amesos2; Belos; OpenACC; Isorropia; OpenCL; Trilinos; CUDA
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