swMATH ID: 20323
Software Authors: Meng L, Li H, Zhang L, Wang J
Description: QTL IciMapping: Integrated Software for Genetic Linkage Map Construction and Quantitative Trait Locus Mapping in Biparental Populations. ICIM (QTL IciMapping) is a software which constructs genetic linkage maps and maps QTL by simple interval mapping and inclusive composite interval mapping. It can also map segregation distorsion loci, analyse QTL by environment interaction in biparental populations, and map QTL in Nested Association Mapping populations. Features of version 3.2 include: Dominant/recessive markers are considered in recombination frequency estimation, map construction and QTL mapping. A functionality called IMP can be used to build the integrated map from multiple genetic linkage maps sharing common markers. A tool called 2pointREC can be used to estimate the pair-wise recombination frequency in bi-parental population. Many markers can be handled in the software. For example, map construction and QTL mapping can be done for more than 2000 markers.
Homepage: https://www.integratedbreeding.net/386/breeding-services/more-software-tools/icimapping
Related Software: R; JoinMap; Lep-MAP; onemap; MAPMAKER; qtl; ASMap; CARTHAGENE; TASSEL-GBS; AntMap; CRAN
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