swMATH ID: 20325
Software Authors: Stam P; Kyazma
Description: JoinMap. Software for the calculation of genetic linkage maps in experimental populations of diploid species. JoinMap provides high quality tools that allow detailed study of the experimental data and the generation of publication-ready map charts. The intuitive MS-Windows ® user interface of JoinMap invites to a better exploration of the data. For instance, you can perform several diagnostical tests, both before and after the actual map calculation, and you can remove potentially erroneous loci and individuals from the map calculations by a simple mouse-click.
Homepage: https://www.kyazma.nl/index.php/JoinMap/
Related Software: CARTHAGENE; R; Lep-MAP; ICIMapping; onemap; MAPMAKER; qtl; ASMap; TASSEL-GBS; AntMap; CRAN; bootstrap
Cited in: 3 Publications
Further Publications: https://www.kyazma.nl/index.php/JoinMap/Citations/

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