swMATH ID: 20348
Software Authors: Hamidreza Mahini, Alireza Mahini, Javad Ghofrani
Description: XDANNG: XML based Distributed Artificial Neural Network with Globus Toolkit. Artificial Neural Network is one of the most common AI application fields. This field has direct and indirect usages most sciences. The main goal of ANN is to imitate biological neural networks for solving scientific problems. But the level of parallelism is the main problem of ANN systems in comparison with biological systems. To solve this problem, we have offered a XML-based framework for implementing ANN on the Globus Toolkit Platform. Globus Toolkit is well known management software for multipurpose Grids. Using the Grid for simulating the neuron network will lead to a high degree of parallelism in the implementation of ANN. We have used the XML for improving flexibility and scalability in our framework.
Homepage: https://arxiv.org/abs/0907.0075
Related Software: NeuroWeb; N2Grid
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