swMATH ID: 2056
Software Authors: Numata, Ryusuke; Howes, Gregory G.; Tatsuno, Tomoya; Barnes, Michael; Dorland, William
Description: AstroGK: astrophysical gyrokinetics code. The gyrokinetic simulation code AstroGK is developed to study fundamental aspects of kinetic plasmas and for applications mainly to astrophysical problems. AstroGK is an Eulerian slab code that solves the electromagnetic gyrokinetic-Maxwell equations in five-dimensional phase space, and is derived from the existing gyrokinetics code GS2 by removing magnetic geometry effects. Algorithms used in the code are described. The code is benchmarked using linear and nonlinear problems. Serial and parallel performance scalings are also presented
Homepage: http://www.physics.uiowa.edu/~ghowes/astrogk/index.html
Keywords: gyrokinetic simulation; Eulerian; numerical methods
Related Software: gs2; Viriato; Pegasus; stella; ORB5; GKW; SpectralPlasmaSolver; FFTW; LAPACK; Vador; Gyrokinetics
Cited in: 11 Documents
Further Publications: http://www.physics.uiowa.edu/~ghowes/astrogk/pub/index.html

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