swMATH ID: 20566
Software Authors: Xie L., Zheng Y., Yang T., Gao W., Pan N.
Description: SimWall: a practical user-friendly stereo tiled display wall system. SimWall is a user-friendly, stereo tiled display wall system composed of 18 commodity projectors operated by a Linux graphics cluster. Collaborating together, these projectors work as a single logical display capable of giving a high-resolution show, large-scale, and passive stereo scene. In order to avoid tedious system setup and maintenance, software-based automatic geometry and photometric calibration are used. The software calibration is integrated to the system seamlessly by an on-card transform method and is transparent to users. To end-users, SimWall works just as a common PC, but provides super computing, rendering and displaying ability. In addition, SimWall has stereoscopic function that gives users a semi-immersive experience in polarized passive way. This paper presents system architecture, implementation, and other technical issues such as hardware constraints, projectors alignment, geometry and photometric calibration, implementation of passive stereo, and development of overall software environment.
Homepage: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1631/jzus.2007.A0596
Related Software: CAVE; CMPGRD; HEDP; Chromium; ParaView
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