swMATH ID: 20571
Software Authors: Graf, Urs
Description: Applied Laplace transforms and z-transforms for scientists and engineers. A computational approach using a Mathematica package. With CD-ROM. The book presents theory and applications of Laplace and z-transforms together with a Mathematica package developed by the author. The package substantially enhances the built-in Laplace and z-transforms facilities of Mathematica. The emphasis lies on the computational and applied side, particularly in the fields of control engineering, electrical engineering, mechanics (heat conduction, diffusion, vibrations). Many worked out examples from engineering and sciences illustrate the applicability of the theory and the usage of the package.
Homepage: http://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783764324278
Dependencies: Mathematica
Keywords: textbook; Mathematica package LaplaceAndzTransfrom; inverse Laplace transforms; Laplace transform; \(z\)-transformation; differential equations; difference equations; complex inversion formula; residue calculations; asymptotic analysis; transmission lines; electrical networks; control engineering; heat conduction; vibration problems
Related Software: Matlab; Maple; Algorithm 682; CUDA; OEIS; Mathematica
Cited in: 12 Publications

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