swMATH ID: 20580
Software Authors: Antonio Morsi, Björn Geißler, Oliver Kolb
Description: Lamatto++ A Framework for Modeling and Solving Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming Problems on Networks. Lamatto++ is a framework to model mixed-integer nonlinear programming problems especially on (but not limited to) networks. Lamatto++ is completely written in C++ and has interfaces to CPLEX, GUROBI, SCIP and GAMS, where the latter provides access to a large collection of solvers for roughly all kinds of mathematical programming problems. Lamatto++ major features are a unified modeling API and a single interface to all the above mentioned solvers. Lamatto++ comes with extendable data structures to handle graphs and networks and provides automatic unit conversion for physical values. For data I/O and data exchange with third party software, Lamatto++ makes use of the XML parsing library Xerces.
Homepage: http://www.mso.math.fau.de/edom/projects/lamatto.html
Related Software: GasLib; Lamatto; SCIP; Gurobi; GAMS; Ipopt; KNITRO; BARON; ANTIGONE; CPLEX; AlphaECP; Bonmin; Couenne; CONOPT; NetworkX; MacMPEC; LANCELOT; MINLPLib; QSopt_ex; LINDO
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