swMATH ID: 20588
Software Authors: ANSYS; Newmerical Technologies International (NTI)
Description: ANSYS FENSAP-ICE (Finite Element Navier-Stokes Analysis Package for Inflight icing). FENSAP-ICE provides leading three-dimensional, state-of-the-art, design and aid-to-certification simulation software to provide enhanced aerodynamic and in-flight icing protection solutions in a cost-effective manner by addressing all five major aspects of in-flight icing: Airflow; Droplet and ice crystal impingement; Ice accretion; Aerodynamic degradation; Anti- and de-icing heat loads. FENSAP-ICE is compatible with widely-used CAD-based mesh generators so it can often reuse the meshes already produced for aerodynamic studies. Having no significant geometric limitations, it is applicable to aircraft, rotorcraft, UAVs, jet engines, nacelles, probes, detectors and other installed systems. OptiGrid is an anisotropic mesh optimization tool that is included to easily obtain high quality mesh- and user-independent results.
Homepage: http://www.ansys.com/products/fluids/ansys-fensap-ice
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