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Software Authors: Bienvenu, M.; Fritz, C.; Sohrabi, S.; Mcilraith, S.
Description: PPLAN – Planning with Preferences. PPLAN is a provably optimal best-first search planner for planning with non-Markovian qualitative preferences. Work on PPLAN was first reported in the paper Specifying and Generating Preferred Plans, by Bienvenu and McIlraith. More recent citations are included below. Contributions include: A first-order language for specifying non-Markovian qualitative (user) preferences over possible plans, and A best-first search planner together with theoretical results on the correctness and optimality of the algorithm. The language is rich, and is amenable to integration with many existing planners, and beyond planning, can be used to support arbitrary dynamical reasoning tasks. The semantics of the first-order preference language is defined using the situation calculus. The truth or falsity of a preference formula is evaluated as a situation calculus formula. The relative preference of alternative plans is represented as a weight, which is a function of the weights of its component properties. A preference formula provides a partial order on what are effectively temporally extended goals. PPLAN is an optimal best-first forward-chaining planner that generates a plan that not only achieves a user-defined goal, but that also conforms, where possible, to a user’s preferences. PPLAN uses progression to more efficiently evaluate preference formulae. PPLAN takes as input, an action theory, a specification of the initial state of the system, a preference formula, and a goal.
Homepage: http://www.cs.toronto.edu/~sheila/PPLAN/
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