swMATH ID: 20711
Software Authors: M. Messner, M. Messner, P. Urthaler, F. Rammerstorfer
Description: HyENA - Hyperbolic and Elliptic Numerical Analysis. HyENA is a C++ library for the numerical solution of partial differential equations using the boundary element method (BEM). The following features are provided: Library for 3D domains; Continuous and discontinuous shape functions; Galerkin and collocation methods for spatial discretization; Convolution Quadrature Method (CQM) for temporal discretization; Fundamental solutions for different elliptic and hyperbolic problems; Support for fast boundary element methods based on H-matrices and ACA
Homepage: https://www.tugraz.at/en/institutes/am-bm/research/software/
Related Software: AHMED; Gmsh; BETL; Python; ParaView; FFTW; exafmm; meshio; Numba; PyCUDA; SciPy; abem; PyGBe; FEniCS; Bempp-cl; DLMF; Intel TBB; Open CASCADE; VTK; BEM++
Cited in: 6 Documents

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