swMATH ID: 20765
Software Authors: Liu Y, Journel A
Description: A package for geostatistical integration of coarse and fine scale data. Building numerical models in earth science requires integration of many different data. Data typically come from different sources with different volume supports: fine-scale point support and coarse-scale block support. All are valuable information and should be incorporated into the final models. In addition, prior information, such as spatial correlation and property statistics (mean, variance, etc.), should also be considered. Several approaches are proposed to build high resolution models conditioned to both point and linear average block support data and accounting for prior structural information. A 3D case study for downscaling coarse scale data conditioned to point support data is presented. The results demonstrate the applicability and limitations of the proposed algorithms and software package.
Homepage: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0098300408001386
Related Software: SGeMS; SIPPI; GSLIB; HOSIM; MPSlib; DSSIM-HR; bh_tomo; VARFIT; Emlk2d; bhtomo; SoftCuts
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