swMATH ID: 20798
Software Authors: Zhang, Qun; Zhu, Baoshan
Description: An integrated coupling framework for highly nonlinear fluid-structure problems. An integrated coupling framework is provided for the transient simulations of large scale highly nonlinear fluid-structure problems with extreme large domain changes. The ALE finite element method is employed for viscous fluid flow, both geometrical and material nonlinearity is considered for dynamic structure analysis. The strong coupling behavior between fluid and solid that causes the high linearity of the coupled system is treated by the strong coupling methods. Advanced morphing and automatic remeshing technology are used for dealing with the extreme fluid domain changes. Time and spatial stabilization, auto-time step and bisection schemes are employed in this research to improve the stability and efficiency of the coupling simulation. Hybrid parallel technologies are adopted for large scale simulation. The fully coupled fluid-structure simulation of a Hydraulic Engine Mounts (HEM) has been carried over by this framework. The mechanical characteristics of the HEM are clarified, and the comparisons of the numerical results with experimental results are demonstrated to show the reliability of this platform. The advanced morphing and automatic partial domain remeshing schemes are employed for the fluid-structure coupling simulation of a flapping wing structure in a water channel. These features have been fully implemented in a general purposed multi-physics simulation and design optimization software named INTESIM.
Homepage: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0045793012000746
Keywords: fluid-solid interaction; morphing; remeshing; strong coupling; INTESIM
Related Software: CMPGRD; SU2; Mfree2D; FLUENT; ABAQUS; deal.ii; MUMPS
Cited in: 2 Publications

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