swMATH ID: 20813
Software Authors: Douglas De Rizzo Meneghetti, Plinio Thomaz Aquino Junior
Description: Computerized Adaptive Testing Simulation Through the Package catsim. Computerized adaptive tests are tests in which items are selected and presented to examinees in real time, according to proficiency estimations taken after each new item is answered. Assisted by the mathematical models of Item Response Theory, items and examinees can be represented by a set of parameters, which in turn allows for the execution of test simulations, providing means to analyze different characteristics of an adaptive test’s life cycle. This paper presents catsim, a package written in the Python language, the first package in this language specialized in computerized adaptive tests and the logistical models of Item Response Theory. catsim provides functions for generating item and examinees parameters, simulating tests and plotting results, as well as enabling end users to create new procedures for proficiency initialization, item selection, proficiency estimation and test stopping criteria. The simulator keeps a record of the items selected for each examinee as well as their answers and also enables the simulation of linear tests, in which all examinees answer the same items.
Homepage: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/catsim
Related Software: catIrt; catR; SciPy; Matplotlib; Numexpr; NumPy
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