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Software Authors: Michael Hvidsten
Description: Geometry Explorer. Providing an environment for the study of Euclidean, Hyperbolic (Poincare Model), Analytic, Transformational, Fractal, and Turtle Geometries. Geometry Explorer is designed as a geometry laboratory where one can create geometric objects (like points, circles, polygons, areas, etc), carry out transformations on these objects (dilations, reflections, rotations, and translations), and measure aspects of these objects (like length, area, radius, etc). As such, it is much like doing geometry on paper (or sand) with a ruler and compass. However, on paper such constructions are static – points placed on the paper can never be moved again. In Geometry Explorer, all constructions are dynamic. One can draw a segment and then grab one of the endpoints and move it around the canvas, with the segment moving accordingly. Thus, one can create a construction and test out hypotheses about the construction with an infinite number of possible variations of the original construction. Geometry Explorer is just what the name implies – an environment to explore geometry.
Homepage: http://homepages.gac.edu/~hvidsten/gex/
Related Software: OpenGL
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Exploring geometry. 2nd edition. Zbl 1367.51002
Hvidsten, Michael

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