swMATH ID: 20846
Software Authors: P. Athron, J.-H. Park, D. Stöckinger, A. Voigt
Description: FlexibleSUSY — a spectrum generator generator for supersymmetric models. We introduce FlexibleSUSY, a Mathematica and C++ package, which generates a fast, precise C++ spectrum generator for any SUSY model specified by the user. The generated code is designed with both speed and modularity in mind, making it easy to adapt and extend with new features. The model is specified by supplying the superpotential, gauge structure and particle content in a SARAH model file; specific boundary conditions e.g. at the GUT, weak or intermediate scales are defined in a separate FlexibleSUSY model file. From these model files, FlexibleSUSY generates C++ code for self-energies, tadpole corrections, renormalization group equations (RGEs) and electroweak symmetry breaking (EWSB) conditions and combines them with numerical routines for solving the RGEs and EWSB conditions simultaneously. The resulting spectrum generator is then able to solve for the spectrum of the model, including loop-corrected pole masses, consistent with user specified boundary conditions. The modular structure of the generated code allows for individual components to be replaced with an alternative if available. FlexibleSUSY has been carefully designed to grow as alternative solvers and calculators are added. Predefined models include the MSSM, NMSSM, E6SSM, USSM, R-symmetric models and models with right-handed neutrinos.
Homepage: https://flexiblesusy.hepforge.org/
Related Software: SARAH; Spheno; SOFTSUSY; SuSpect; ISAJet; micrOMEGAs; HiggsSignals; HiggsBounds; mr; CRunDec; ARGES; RGE++; PyR@TE; odeint; Eigen; RunDec; FeynArts; CalcHEP; NMSSMCALC; SUSY Phenomenology toolbox
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