swMATH ID: 20854
Software Authors: Hill A, Tomshine J, Weeding E, Sotiropoulos V, Kaznessis Y
Description: SynBioSS: the synthetic biology modeling suite. The Synthetic Biology Software Suite (SynBioSS) is a software suite for the generation, storing, retrieval and quantitative simulation of synthetic biological networks. SynBioSS facilitates computational synthetic biology and consists of three independent components: the Desktop Simulator (DS), the Wiki, and the Designer.
Homepage: http://synbioss.sourceforge.net/
Related Software: TABASCO; lpSolve; SUNDIALS; SciPy; ProMoT; BioJADE; Celldesigner; SCAMP; CellML; PySCeS; TinkerCell
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Synbioss: The synthetic biology modeling suite.
Hill, Anthony D.; Tomshine, Jonathan R.; Weeding, Emma M. B.; Sotiropoulos, Vassilios; Kaznessis, Yiannis N.

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