swMATH ID: 20910
Software Authors: Jonathan
Description: Fractional derivative. Compute the fractional derivative of a sampled function using Grunwald-Letnikov formulation.This implementation is similar to that of Bayat 2007 (fderiv) but uses vectorization for faster computation with Matlab. Type ‘help fgl_deriv‘ for information on usage. Feel free to rate if you find this useful, and leave a comment if you have improvements in mind.
Homepage: http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/45982-fractional-derivative
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: sysdfod; FSST; ma2dfc; DFOC; fourier; ml_fun; forlocus; FOPID; INVLAP; gen_distrib; mlrnd; ML; irid_fod; gml_fun; ora_foc; pFq; fderiv; mlf; Mittag-Leffler; Ninteger
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