swMATH ID: 20912
Software Authors: Lachhab, N., Svaricek, F., Wobbe, F., Rabba, H.
Description: Fractional order PID controller (FOPID) – toolbox. This paper presents a fractional order PID controller (FOPID)-Toolbox to design robust fractional PID controllers achieving a desired crossover frequency and a desired phase margin. A novel approach based on nonsmooth optimization techniques is used. Two types of controllers are considered, the (PID)n and PIαDβ controllers. The requirements to be fulfilled by the controller are expressed in terms of a desired open-loop response. Loop shaping configuration is used to synthesize the controller. To optimize the fractional orders an optimization algorithm based on the steepest descent method is used. Simulation results show the benefit of our method.
Homepage: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/6669365/
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