swMATH ID: 2098
Software Authors: Cai, Nian; Yang, Jie; Hu, Kuanghu; Xiong, Haitao
Description: MRF-MBNN: A novel neural network architecture for image processing Contextual information and a priori knowledge play important roles in image segmentation based on neural networks. This paper proposed a method for including contextual information in a model-based neural network (MBNN) that has the advantage of combining a priori knowledge. This is achieved by including Markov random field (MRF) into the MBNN and this novel neural network is termed as MRF-MBNN. Then the proposed method is applied to segmenting the images. Experimental results indicate the MRF-MBNN is superior to the MBNN in image segmentation. This study is a successful attempt of incorporating contextual information and a prior knowledge into neural networks to segment images.
Homepage: http://library.ibp.ac.cn/html/slwj/000230167200109.pdf
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