swMATH ID: 20984
Software Authors: Meuschke, N., Gipp, B., Breitinger, C.
Description: CitePlag: a citation-based plagiarism detection system prototype. CitePlag is the first plagiarism detection system to implement Citation-based Plagiarism Detection (CbPD) – a novel approach capable of detecting also heavily disguised plagiarism in academic texts [1]. The system is available as open source https://bitbucket.org/sciplore/citeplag-share-backend. Existing plagiarism detection software only examines literal ext similarity, and thus typically fails to detect disguised plagiarism forms, including paraphrases, translations, or idea plagiarism. CbPD addresses this shortcoming by additionally analyzing the citation placement in the full-text of documents to form a language-independent semantic “fingerprint” of document similarity [2].
Homepage: https://www.isg.uni-konstanz.de/projects/citeplag/
Related Software: VMEXT; DLMF; HyPlag; MathTools; MathJax; LaTeXML; Mathematica; Maple; LaTeX; Mathoid
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