swMATH ID: 21156
Software Authors: H. Hlucha, H. Eberl, W. Frisch
Description: SFOLD - a program package for calculating two-body sfermion decays at full one-loop level in the MSSM. SFOLD (Sfermion Full One Loop Decays) is a Fortran program package for calculating all sfermion two-body decay widths and the corresponding branching ratios at full one-loop level within the MSSM. The package adopts the SUSY Parameter Analysis convention and supports the SUSY Les Houches Accord input and output format. With the SFOLD package we found non-negligible electroweak corrections in bosonic decays of sbottom, stop and stau.
Homepage: http://www.hephy.at/susytools/sfold/index.html
Keywords: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology; arXiv_hep-ph; arXiv_publication; Supersymmetry; Loop calculations; MSSM sfermion decays; Fortran package
Related Software: SLHALib; LoopTools; GRACE; FormCalc; HFOLD
Cited in: 0 Publications