swMATH ID: 2118
Software Authors: Schürr, Andy
Description: IPSEN-environment: An integrated and incremental project support environment. The IPSEN project (for Integrated, Incremental, Interactive Project Support Environment) deals with the development of concepts, languages, methods, and tools in the areas Requirements Engineering, Programming in the Large, and fine-granular data integration inside of one or between two or more working areas. Aim of the IPSEN project is especially to understand, structure, and mechanize the process of developing integrated software development environments. As a prerequisite, it is necessary to state more precisely or to develop further the languages used in software engineering before tools can be built. The main results are a realization framework consisting of a frame architecture with basic general components and tools for supporting individual working areas as well as integrating one or more working areas. The tools can be partially generated from formal specifications and merged into the frame architecture. More current results have been achieved in the area of mechanizing the implementation of integrator tools, the extension of the underlying object database, and the development of an integrated Requirements Engineering Environment. Language development takes place mainly in the areas of Requirements Engineering and Programming in the Large. An extensive description of the project and its results can be found in Nagl 96.
Homepage: http://www.se.rwth-aachen.de/tikiwiki/tiki-index.php%3Fpage_ref_id=221.html
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