swMATH ID: 21215
Software Authors: Mohammadi, B.
Description: CFD with NSC2KE : an User Guide. NSC2KE is a Finite-Volume Galerkin program computing 2D and axisymmetric flows on unstructured meshes written by Bijan Mohammadi. To solve the Euler part of the equations, a Roe, an Osher and a Kinetic solvers are available. To compute turbulent flows a k-epsilon model is available. Near-wall turbulence is computed either by wall-laws or by a two-layer approach. Time dependant problems can also be considered as a fourth order Runge-Kutta solver has been used.
Homepage: https://github.com/cpraveen/nsc2ke
Source Code:  https://github.com/cpraveen/nsc2ke
Related Software: Triangle; PETSc; TAPENADE; FreeFem++; NEWUOA; CHEMKIN; AVBP; IOSO; DONLP2; HE-E1GODF; HLLE
Cited in: 21 Publications

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