swMATH ID: 2124
Software Authors: Haase, Werner; Brandsma, Frans; Elsholz, Eberhard; Leschziner, Michael; Schwamborn, Dieter
Description: EUROVAL - An European initiative on validation of CFD codes. Results of the EC/BRITE-EURAM project EUROVAL, 1990-1992 Authors describe a comparison of calculations with Navier-Stokes, Euler and boundary-layer solutions with experimental data relevant to aerodynamic applications. Special attention is paid to the possibility of applying the solutions to realistic flight conditions and to the computation of maximum lift of single airfoils and of high-lift characteristics for two-element airfoils with different closure assumptions for the Reynolds stresses. The examples chosen include the single element airfoil flow, the two-element airfoil flow, the ONERA channel flow, the \(3D\) flow over the DLR-F5 wing, boundary-layer flows, wind-tunnel interference and vortex breakdown. The book contains a lot of useful information concerning numerical methods for predicting aerodynamic flows with regard to the comparison to experimental results.
Homepage: http://openlibrary.org/books/OL14877793M/EUROVAL_an_European_initiative_on_validation_of_CFD_codes
Keywords: EUROVAL; CFD codes; realistic flight conditions; maximum lift; single airfoils; two-element airfoils; channel flow; DLR-F5 wing; boundary-layer flows; wind-tunnel interference; vortex breakdown
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