swMATH ID: 21254
Software Authors: Phyloinformatics Research Foundation, Inc; Piel, W.H., Chan, L., Dominus, M.J., Ruan, J., Vos, R.A. Tannen, V
Description: TreeBASE is a repository of phylogenetic information, specifically user-submitted phylogenetic trees and the data used to generate them. TreeBASE accepts all kinds of phylogenetic data (e.g., trees of species, trees of populations, trees of genes) representing all biotic taxa. Data in TreeBASE are exposed to the public if they are used in a publication that is in press or published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, book, conference proceedings, or thesis. Data used in publications that are in preparation or in review can be submitted to TreeBASE but will not be available to the public until they have passed peer review. Aside from the submitter, such data are only available to the publication editors or reviewers using a special access URL. TreeBASE is produced and governed by the The Phyloinformatics Research Foundation, Inc.
Homepage: https://treebase.org/treebase-web/home.html
Related Software: phytools; GEIGER; ape; phylobase; XML; SPARQL; taxize; SIMMAP; RNeXML; R; Mathematica; SackinMinimizer; apTreeshape; OEIS; MrBayes; CloSpan; CloseGraph; RadCon; TreeDT; Arbor3D
Cited in: 4 Publications

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